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Economics for the 99 per centSo much of what we "know" about the world is really what "specialists" tell us: men have walked on the moon... nothing can travel faster than light... government debt is killing us... society must always trade between inflation and unemployment...

We can't confirm any of those things from our own experience, so we accept the "expert" opinion. What choice do we have?

It might be fun to know about sciences such as physics or biology. But economic principles affect every single one of us, every day of our lives. Economics asks the questions we all ask, such as:

  • Why is there poverty, when productivity keeps increasing?
  • Why are willing, able workers unemployed?
  • Why are there boom - bust cycles?
  • Why does government always need more money?
  • Is "economic growth" killing our planet?

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We won't ask you to accept anything unless you can clearly see the proof. In our courses you'll look at social problems in the context of everyday situations. The secret of understanding economics is seeing what you already know.

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