New Book! As in the “Gilded Age,” in the 21st century we face the endemic problem of deepening poverty, even as productivity keeps growing. One solution is “to make land common property.” But how to do that? Not by redistributing the land itself — such “agrarian reform” efforts have repeatedly failed. “It is not necessary to confiscate land,” wrote Henry George, “only to confiscate rent.” The value of land — which is due to the community’s activities and to nature itself — truly belongs to the whole community, and thus is the ideal fund for public revenue. But land, in economic terms, is far more than farms and fields, or the surface of the earth — it includes every kind of natural resource and opportunity. Eleven essays by leading scholars and activists explore how to implement “the sovereign remedy” in the real world. 170 pages, Henry George Institute/Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, 2018 $15.00 — Order a copy