Comments from Our Students

The course was a thorough, clear, and edifying experience that I can’t recommend as an introduction to political economy highly enough. Whereas the text of Progress and Poverty shall remain timeless, the supplementary material deserves special praise for its references to modern dilemmas and experiences
— K. H., Washington

I have learned an immense deal of knowledge in this course, things I will apply to my own life. I just hope one day to see Henry George’s ideas become reality.
— T. M., California

This was a great and interesting course as it gave me a clear idea about economic definitions and terms that were vague and mixed in my mind. I can better understand now the reason of the poverty in the world and I really agree with George that the reason is the unequal distribution of wealth, land monopoly and speculation.
— C. M., Lebanon

This course has given me a different outlook to the problems in society. I aspire to one day be placed in an influential position in order to try out George’s solution of a single tax.
— G. B., Guadeloupe

Georgism is still a relevant economic system and must be brought into the mainstream. It offers a mechanism for equity and justice that so many people are looking for.
— J. C. E., Illinois

This course has profoundly affected the way I look at the world…. George’s analysis of the problems of society is brilliant, and as relevant today as when he wrote it…. I thought the course itself made vary good use of the computer as a learning tool. The article, “The remedy” was especially effective in presenting material in a non-linear fashion.
— R. M., California

The skills of the author in his writing and his vision oblige the reader to continue reading this book non-stop. It is the best book I have ever read on justice and equality.
— A. A., Saudi Arabia

The course shows a systematic questioning, very much along the lines of Socrates’ method of teaching. The student is questioned repeatedly on matters of inference and observation, and the questions in turn lead to the logical conclusion. The course is indeed very instructive, partly for the insights it gives into economics but also through its demonstration of Henry George’s argument, and how this argument might best be explained.
— M. D. P., England

I find the Economic Science course taught by Henry George Institute both interesting and useful. It is really a valuable asset which came to strengthen my knowledge in order for me to serve my country appropriately. I would like to thank my instructor for his teaching and assistance.
— D. Y., Dem. Rep. of the Congo

This course is really very accessible, making use of terms that any person can understand without having prior training in economics. This course opens the mind to a practical reality that is unknown to most of the population. It helps us to better understand the reason for the economic situation that prevails in developing countries today. Also, it was good to find it, because there are not many courses like this on the Internet… many thanks for this opportunity.
— G. H. L., Mexico

An excellent and informative course. It has changed my view of economics and the world.
— R. P., Japan

I think it was a great course in which I learned a lot. I liked the material and especially the videos which are well-made and easily comprehensible. The questions were also good and made you really think over what you had read. Overall great! Very satisfied.
— S. Z., Denmark

This course to me represents a wonderful learning experience! Thanks a lot! It’s not just that I have learned a different and truthful social theory outside of the traditional box (“left,” “right,” and “middle of the road”) but also this course has allowed me to reaffirm personal beliefs on certain universal principles learned in Bible/Theological studies. In addition, this course have served me as a refreshment course without the biases polluting the majority of textbooks in political economy.
— G. C., California

I really enjoyed the course. My economics class that I take in my high school focuses on “Adam Smith economics” and Keynesian economics. This was a great contrast to them…. It was a lot of fun and a great learning experience. It brought insight into problems I would not have noticed in society without taking this class. Even some of his seemingly simple definitions of labor and capital really advanced my understanding of economics.
—J. C., New York City

Henry George suggests several interesting solutions to, in my opinion, everlasting problems. It is a shame that these proposals haven’t been taken into use. I am extremely impressed with the tax model he proposes.
— K. L., Estonia

This course is valuable personally for me, since, in comparison to Marxist/Leninist theory studied before, George’s theory helped me to clarify nature of processes that happened in the past and are happening now in newly building society. I would like to believe, that sometime, we will come closer in development of our society to ideal of equal opportunities to all. I very grateful to Henry George Institute for the opportunity of studying this course and personally to my instructor.
—L. S., Ukraine

I truly cannot overestimate the importance this course had for me. It made things more clear to me in a field I had little hope of understanding, and it has encouraged me to continue pursuing an interest in economics.
— N. A., Israel

I enjoyed this course! It was well organized and made good use of the reading material without requiring more study than necessary. The questions led through a logical series of concepts so that the material was easy to digest and retain. Thanks for the opportunity to better understand an economic viewpoint that is of growing importance!
— P. H., Oregon

Very well structured, very logical exposure of Henry George points of view, very good introduction for begginers, progressing step by step, can´t evaluate the level of language (but it was difficult for me), very quick answers from the instructor, and always some stimulating words from the instructor, and may be the most important; the great contribute of the organization trough this course to provide people with knowledge and answers to “fight” for a better world. I want to express my sincer thanks for everything!
— V. E. B., Portugal

A very interesting and well written course. I particularly enjoyed the interaction with my instrutor. I am not entirely convinced that things are this simple in solution. It certainly would gore enough oxen to try and put into effect…. I am not sure if, or where, this will take me, but it has certainly given a lot to think about. Thank you very much for doing it — it has been a pleasure!
— R. W., Minnesota

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