NY Times article on Georgist Reform in Detroit

Conor Dougherty of the New York Times wrote of Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, “A Democrat in his third term,… espousing what generations of policy minds consider one of the best ideas nobody will listen to: the land-value tax” in the article The ‘Georgists’ Are Out There, and They Want to Tax Your Land.

1997 Editorial from Fred Foldvary on a Georgist approach to Mideast peace

In light of the current conflict, we revisit the words of the late Fred Foldvary in an editorial from Progress.org in 1997. “The just solution to the land question is to endow each resident of the territory an equal claim to the land,’ he wrote. The Solution to the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict.

Who was Henry George?

During his lifetime, he became the third most famous person in America, behind Thomas Edison and Mark Twain. He was one of the most important voices of the Progressive Era, and his supporters included Leo Tolstoy, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill and John Dewey, to name a few. Here is more on George’s life and work.

Comments on World Events from Mike Curtis

Georgist activist Mike Curtis has given the Institute permission to distribute two of his recent blog posts: “As the World Burns” (link to pdf) and “Two wrongs Do Not Make A Right: Ukraine & the Israeli Palestinian conflict” (link to pdf).

We’ve had students in all these countries.

A Lindy Davies Collection For You

Volume 134-136 of Georgist Journal is “Land, Labor & Liberty: A Lindy Davies Reader”, free for a short time. If there is a short-cut to understanding the ideas of Henry George – “the Georgist paradigm” – that short-cut is the work of Lindy Davies. This volume offers a small yet excellent sample. Among his contemporaries, Lindy Davies was perhaps the most “orthodox” of Georgist advocates. Readers of this modest selection who are not familiar with Lindy’s writings have a surprising treat in store (more information here).

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